Jocelyn Raymond, Mind Body Spirit Practitioner

Jocelyn Raymond is a Mind Body Spirit Practitioner specializing in helping clients heal their addictions. She operates out of the Greater Vancouver area and works with clients to overcome their dependancies beyond the 12 steps. Through personal triumph and extensive training Jocelyn is ready to work with you to overcome the obstacles in your life that have led you to dependance. Emotional issues can manifest in a wide range of  addictions varying from narcotics and alcohol to food, shopping or gambling- no matter what your issues are, you have the power to release your demons and move towards a life filled with positivity, happiness and prosperity.

Work With Jocelyn

Jocelyn works one on one with her clients for personal healing sessions. Book Your Appointment. You also have the option to attend a Mind Body Spirit seminar to gain a deeper breadth of knowledge on various topics. See a list of upcoming seminars. Lastly Jocelyn offers her clients the chance to take online courses from home in order to dive deeper into the science behind their therapies and to learn in depth tools for success going forward. Learn more about Home Study.

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